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1983), the decedent left a trust specifying distributions of $100 per month to each of three elderly individuals for life, with the rest of the trust income distributed to charity; the remainder went to four charities and one individual.
SLAs can be used to specify software quality, but they are also useful for specifying performance requirements.
As with the definition of the measurand, specifying the extended validity conditions involves stating the permitted values of any influence quantity that affects the measurement.
Because of similarities in the two kinds of benefits, specifying the same transition method for pensions and other postretirement benefits has merit.
To help ensure interoperability of NFC technology in a broad variety of devices, the RTD provides guidelines for specifying well-known record types for inclusion in NDEF messages exchanged between NFC Forum-compliant devices, and between NFC Forum-compliant devices and tags.
The ValueTraffic Local team then targets that area by either specifying a single point in the form of a street address or latitude/longitude point, or by specifying an area created by three or more geographical points designated by latitude or longitude.
This easy-to-use reference guide provides the information and guidance that they need to help take the pain out of specifying gases for their applications.
The BuilSpec seminars will shed light on the rapid growth of new technologies and trends and how their inherent benefits can ensure the success of the consulting specifying engineer as well as the building owner and operator.
The deterministic version allows the user to enter an individual scenario by specifying various assumptions (e.
It saves so much time and reduces the probability of error in specifying constraints.
Reducing to a matter of minutes the time required to design and implement one of the most common types of control circuits in industrial, medical, and communications applications, the new AnadigmPID tool allows the user to build an analog PID control loop on an integrated silicon platform by merely specifying the top-level control coefficients.