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Very spacious, the store differs from all other stores at the plaza by having whole wood floors, specious stock room with built-in shelves and private bathroom.
the specious present) cannot be the present * that an A-series theorist claims to exist as a component of an objective temporal ordering.
The link between Britain's weather and the scarcity of water is a specious one.
Sabrin was 20 points behind Zimmer in the poll, and even if we were at the edges of that margin, that makes the claim that he is the front-runner (which to any reasonable person's interpretation means he's winning the race) specious," Schoening wrote.
The end result was a system of specious theories which justified dictatorships more evil than the world had ever seen.
Written decades before a Tonkin Bay resolution or false rumors of "mushroom clouds" over our cities seduced a passive citizenry, the bishops spoke of being "led or driven into conflict by false report or specious argument.
Independent economists were scathing of the terms of reference for both pieces of research, saying they were seeking 'skewed and biased analyses' to be used to make specious debating points in the run-up to the election.
Carter presents a premise and thesis that reeks of vacuity, while presenting ostensibly specious arguments that obfuscate both fact and truth.
Would it be an exaggeration to say that one fairly cringes at the notion of being refused life coverage on the specious basis of being "past due-90" on a credit card?
It's the most ridiculous, specious and, frankly, dismaying aspect of the national immigration debate.
Annan and company will be plotting how to disarm Americans under the specious pretext of "international law.
He states that the argument that adult stem cells hold more promise than embryonic stem cells is specious at best.