specious argument

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Dismantling big government was exposed as a specious argument following the Hurricane Sandy deadly impact on the northeast.
The specious argument used to defend this behaviour is that Twitter has become the torchbearer of free speech.
But we all swallowed one specious argument after another that inflation had to do with anonymous forces ranging from the weather to globalisation.
Will NCR and its readers finally stop lobbying for the abolition of priestly celibacy on the specious argument that the practice of celibacy is repressive?
To this extent, the climax of the play occurs at its very center when after a thoroughly specious argument by Lucrezia's confessor, Fra Timoteo, regarding the supposed separation of body and soul -- "as for the act, that it is a sin, this is a fiction, because it is the will that sins, not the body" [47] -- Lucrezia consents to sleep with the man who will absorb the poisonous effects of the mandrake, even as she predicts in turn her own death: "I am content, but I don't believe that I will live to see tomorrow.
Mc Manus explained: "But the SEC was not buying the specious argument, ruling: 'We are unable to concur in your view that Intel may exclude the proposal under rule 14a-8(i)(7).
Empty rhetoric, in contrast, is often based on misrepresentations or vagueness, and may advance a specious argument, seeming to validate an unworthy assertion - that President Obama is a Muslim, for example.
This is a specious argument as political parties would go by the " winnability" of any candidate in a certain constituency, rather than her economic status or religious affiliation.
It may be a specious argument but at least it's an entertaining one, and there is enough of a detour into the unexpected to keep "A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking" from being thoroughly immersed in cliche.
Written decades before a Tonkin Bay resolution or false rumors of "mushroom clouds" over our cities seduced a passive citizenry, the bishops spoke of being "led or driven into conflict by false report or specious argument.
Finally, he uses this specious argument to attack Plaid Cymru.