specious argument

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Hankins himself notes the somewhat specious argument mounted by Bruni to counter rumors of Aristotle's suicide by poison.
But massive numbers, real and imagined, cannot mask a specious argument.
The specious argument that the regulators put forth is that without such price regulation there would be no "affordable housing" in the area.
That school uniforms will blur the economic distinctions among students is, at best, a specious argument.
This is a curious and I believe, in agreement with Smith, an entirely specious argument.
Possibly the tentative, often seemingly absent, "place" of some of these stories is the fact of not wanting the specious argument of why is it "there" and not "here," what's so interesting about "Dresden," why isn't Jim called Jack?
The increasingly specious argument for such "natural monopolies," Gilder contends, will become even more dubious when silicon cables enable photon-based messages to travel around the world at virtually no cost.
To ensure that this specious argument is true, it has taken the help of the media, which is only too willing to collaborate with the BJP and its establishment that has an overarching presence in the country.
Instead of rejecting the specious argument, Coco is made to change his mind, so he's still reeling from Anne's vicious tirades-except that they're now starting to feel something for each other, despite their hot and heavy hate-hate relationship.
He has argued that Germany is largely responsible for the mass migration because of its prosperity, generous asylum policies and " until this weekend " open borders, and he has made the specious argument that as a Christian country, Hungary should not be made to take in a lot of Muslims.
Dismantling big government was exposed as a specious argument following the Hurricane Sandy deadly impact on the northeast.
The specious argument used to defend this behaviour is that Twitter has become the torchbearer of free speech.