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Something called American character came under a cloud of questioning and a hint of speciousness.
There is a maverick quality to his analysis of the betting world and Jonathan Sparke proves the speciousness of the old adage `great minds think alike'.
At the same time, the conscious self-deconstruction of the rhetoric of those statements reveals the relative speciousness of all absolute truths, including of course Lawrence's own.
Leaving aside the speciousness of bragging about which form of harmful activity provides the best information about how to avoid doing it, experts agree that Internet gambling exacerbates the problems of conventional gambling because it removes the barriers to addiction.
None of the foregoing is intended to defend Paul; its result, as Justice Brennan noted in dissent, is "frightening for a free people,"(276) and the majority's distinction of precedent, most notably Constantineau, surely numbers among the worst instances of judicial speciousness.
Clare, however, seemingly determined to make her friends admire her recklessness and share the intense contradictions of her day-to-day life, almost goads her husband into displaying his dangerous blindness, as if this humiliating spectacle, will finally expose the speciousness of her own rationales for "passing.
This very purpose informs much of O'Connor's fiction; she wishes to expose the speciousness of unbelief and the need for grace.
In the analysis of the Italian song "Mein Liebster ist so klein" the equation of Wolf's ambiguous feelings towards Schubert (whose song "Geheimes" might have acted as a model for Wolf's song) with the emotional situation in the poem itself smacks of speciousness (p.
The board of directors continues to believe in the urgent ecological necessity of its ocean restoration plans and the scientific speciousness of objections voiced to date.
But given Flavin's sacred charade, the speciousness of it shows technology--at least in the banal, utilitarian context of a Canal Street hardware store--to be representing itself as a false god.
The subsequent press release of Elizabeth's second marriage underscores Bonnet's critique of the speciousness of black bourgeois society: "The society columns burst forth into a hysteria of redundancy, bad taste and worse writing.
Nash, in his abhorrence of repetition and his deification of the aesthetic gesture over the work of art, epitomises in his lifestyle and his conversation the speciousness of his set of aesthetic values.