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THE Kitten went on washing her white paws; so Lucie asked a speckled hen--
It was a chance to fight, an opportunity to loot, and they rose to the bait as a speckled trout to a fly.
He wore a broad- folded tie, white and speckled with lilac, and he carried on his arm a comfortable driving-coat of fur.
On the door-stone stood a clean old woman, in a dark-striped linen gown, a red kerchief, and a linen cap, talking to some speckled fowls which appeared to have been drawn towards her by an illusory expectation of cold potatoes or barley.
Big hairless rats rather; all with smooth, shining speckled hides--fat sides, and very disagreeable faces.
Tight beds of geranium, calceolaria, and lobelia speckled the glass-plat, from whose centre rose one of the finest araucarias(its other name by the way is "monkey-puzzler"), that it has ever been my lot to see.
The dories gathered in clusters, separated, reformed, and broke again, all heading one way; while men hailed and whistled and cat- called and sang, and the water was speckled with rubbish thrown overboard.
They looked at the green-arched, shade-flecked length of it, the white breadth speckled with slow-pacing folk; and the two-roomed police-station opposite.
Ah, and what did you gather from this allusion to a band--a speckled band?
It was very long, though--almost as long, Watson, as when you and I waited in that deadly room when we looked into the little problem of the Speckled Band.
The green lea was speckled as thickly with them as a canvas by Van Alsloot or Sallaert with burghers.
He is a little man with a face all crushed together, who appears, from a certain blue and speckled appearance that one of his cheeks presents, to have been blown up, in the way of business, at some odd time or times.