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Damon believes he is controlling the meaning of his subjectivity, but he is not; he is only bearing others' meaning of his subjectivity and thus allowing others to narrate his spectacularity and agency.
Fevvers subverts her spectacularity to her own ends, ambiguous, ever-changing she can never be pinned down as a trophy of the male Collector, she resists the final meanings desired by journalist Walser aiming to decode her as a great humbug of the world.
Even those only vaguely familiar with Fincher's film need hardly be reminded of its decisive narrative ploy--the revelation that Jack and Tyler Durden are the same person--and the concomitant spectacularity of the scenes in which Norton's character is shown to beat himself up.
12) David Gilbert in his "London in All Its Glory" examines how late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century tour books created a vision of London that rivalled Paris for its spectacularity in spite of its crooked picturesqueness.
By contrast, it is important to recognize the additive effect of current, historical, and largely media-induced spectacularity on literature of any kind, fictional and nonfictional.