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But somehow during the course of the proceedings to consider these changes, the FCC asked whether commercial entities should be permitted to buy ITFS spectrum at an auction, the FCC's preferred mechanism for allocating scarce spectrum and squeezing out critically needed revenue for the federal government.
DoD policy requires that developers of spectrum-dependent systems obtain spectrum certification before assumption of contractual obligations for full-scale development, production, or procurement.
Under the terms of the settlement, Spectrum will contribute certain rights under several fundamental patents covering data transmission over radio network systems.
Spectrum Expert has proven to be a valuable tool in diagnosing problems in large expanses as well.
The real power of Spectrum Expert is that it pinpoints for IT managers what the source of interference is and where it is actually located, allowing IT managers to take control of their spectrum.
flexComm and quicComm are trademarks of Spectrum Signal Processing Inc.
Over his eight-year career with Spectrum, Mario has demonstrated significant leadership on many different fronts," said Pascal Spothelfer, Spectrum's President and CEO.
Adoption of the Zeligsoft platform-aware tool set for Spectrum's SDR-3000 has helped our customers implement their SCA-based projects more effectively," said Mark Briggs, VP Marketing, Spectrum Signal Processing.
We have worked informally with Spectrum for several years promoting software defined radio technology but it is great to be formally partnered with this Canadian firm.
Jim Atkins has done a very good job in building up our capabilities in the US, notably by solidly implementing our Special Security Agreement with the Defense Security Service, which allows Spectrum USA to execute on classified contracts with security cleared personnel.