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Very well," was her ladyship's contented answer; "then speculation, if you please, Mrs.
All the agreeable of her speculation was over for that hour.
It seems the minds of these people are so taken up with intense speculations, that they neither can speak, nor attend to the discourses of others, without being roused by some external taction upon the organs of speech and hearing; for which reason, those persons who are able to afford it always keep a flapper
It is in the fifth, sixth, and seventh books that Plato reaches the "summit of speculation," and these, although they fail to satisfy the requirements of a modern thinker, may therefore be regarded as the most important, as they are also the most original, portions of the work.
Driscoll soon absorbed himself in his speculations and left her to her own devices.
Various emotions and speculations possessed my mind in my retreat; but chiefly did I feel a sense of triumph in being the bearer of exciting news.
BRIAN Laws has reacted with defiance and disappointment to speculation linking Alan Shearer with his job as Sheffield Wenesday manager.
The airline industry has been rife with consolidation speculation this year as carriers continue to grapple with low fares and overcapacity.
Newcastle chairman Freddy Shepherd has warned fans to disregard the whirlwind of speculation surrounding the club after they were linked with a move for David Beckham.
All speculation of Pat Gillick becoming the Dodgers' next general manager subsided on Tuesday when it became clear the longtime Toronto, Baltimore and Seattle executive will be named general manager of the Philadelphia Phillies today.
It is commonly believed the primary driving force behind the soaring apartment prices is speculation.
GARY Rowett insisted his focus has always been on returning Derby to the Premier League after he ended speculation over his future by signing a new deal at Pride Park.