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Historical trauma here, therefore, does not fill the void of 9/11 with concise images of suffering; rather, an implication of speechlessness is preserved.
I'm not often reduced to speechlessness but you nearly did it this time.
That speechlessness primarily deprived us of his presence among us as a splendid practitioner of the language arts.
I remember my own speechlessness when a male student asked me after class if I was "a real professor;' because, according to him, I just didn't look like one.
Together, Hyacinth and Philomela illustrate the dilemma of World War I poetry, that speechlessness is not always subject to physical mouthlessness.
By pointing to "silence," which symbolizes the highest wisdom, and which is contrasted with a mere indication (or gesture) of speechlessness, the Vimalakirti Sutra demonstrates an authentic approach to the truth of "emptiness", i.
Of course, not all forms of admiration are mute, nor are all moments of speechlessness accessories of aesthetic judgment, or expressions of taste.
Not reduced to speechlessness, the speaker's language is nonetheless "cluttered" with "signs of its undoing," and this flotsam testifies to the ways in which he and the trees, mutually disrupting, are also symbiotically constitutive.
Here we will draw upon the work of Peter Nyers to specifically consider how the figure of the refugee is silenced through a discourse of lack and speechlessness implied in Kant's model.
At the same time, the relationship between Miss Amelia and the hunchback who claims kinship with her (and whom she addresses as Cousin Lymon), being one of love, resembles that between Singer and the deaf-mute Antonopoulos in McCullers' debut novel The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1940): it is as if, by an immanent thematic logic, mutism and physical deformity are translatable into one another across the novels, and within the imagination in general; as if they could be superimposed upon one another to yield Persona, which places on its surface the signifiers of speechlessness and deformity, as the splitting of Alma's face into a lopsided composite in which neither Liv Ullman nor Bibi Andersson recognized herself destroys Alma's capacity for articulate speech, in a sense muting her too.
Adam Ziegler (Z to his friends) is a typical high school guy dealing with a serious case of acne and a curse of speechlessness around girls.
Davis rightly stresses the role of royalist defeat in instigating the golden age of poetic translation, though the association between exile and speechlessness ran deep in early modern English culture, recurring throughout the work of the Elizabethan poets and dramatists who witnessed the exoduses of their Catholic and Puritan countrymen.