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Turning now to the specific issue of guidelines created to enhance the speediness of the process, this jurisprudence raises other questions.
I imagined that surely the engineers and planners and executives and other smart people at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority were working on ways to improve the ride, from its speediness to the quality of the riding experience.
Telling the referees explicitly that responding quickly will affect the quality and speediness they will receive when they submit their papers clearly creates pressure on referees to respond quickly and thus shortens the FRT.
Still, there are natural limits to the industry's new speediness.
The choices left by her speediness presented a bit of a quandary.
In practice, color paste is added as process number 3 according to the principles of convenience, speediness, and economy.
And I would like to add a third dimension to its claims of versatility - it has a sports car feel with speediness and superb handling ability.
The timing happened to come several hours after Kawaguchi announced that she plans to announce next week a basic plan for Foreign Ministry reforms emphasizing transparency, speediness and effectiveness.
But the most commonly used measures of judicial efficiency include factors like the speediness with which a case is resolved in court of judges' susceptibility to bribes.
By giving up the speediness of a quick answer, participants gain by having to deal with fewer individual messages.
Added value services such as operation speediness, possibility to integrate software services, upgrading operation o coffee and tailored services, are part of Multiterminals philosophy.