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The child who spelled the word samt in the pretest, and then was able to produce stadment in the post-test had made significant progress.
For instance, a teacher may begin by stating that a phonological lens will be used to examine whether a given word can be accurately spelled using a phonological based strategy.
Hecox, who is a trainer at Unum, the disability insurance carrier, remembered triskaidekaphobia because he spelled the word incorrectly two years ago at the spelling bee.
3 : to have (such) a spelling <My name is Lynne spelled with an E.
In the national spelling competition, 14-year-old Placerita Junior High School student David Pruden successfully spelled more than two dozen brain twisters, including: culottes, derogatory, precedent, immolate, basmati, lycanthropy, succussatory, nullipara, scopolamine, Erewhonian, Pierian, perciatelli, Capharnaum, oeillade, sprachgefuhl, madid and balneation.
Those who are motivated by grades respond to the high-point value ascribed to completing spelling-study work and to producing a single correctly spelled word on the test.
Conventional Stage: All, or almost all, words are spelled correctly.
regular past tense is always spelled with an ed, such as in walked, hugged, batted), and
Here are 18 tough words--some spelled correctly, some misspelled.
In paragraph 8, the word "hear" in the second sentence should have been spelled "here.
The pagan titan of oppression in the Book of Exodus is spelled Pharaoh.
The scope of the spelling curriculum answers the question pertaining to the "breadth" of spelling words to be spelled correctly by students, whereas the concept "sequence" stresses when students will encounter selected words to master in spelling.