sphere of activity

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They are either under no necessity to work for their living, or are enabled to choose the sphere of activity that is really congenial to them, and gives them pleasure.
The main sphere of activity of aEnergoremont Holdinga AD is maintenance and repair of power and heat generation and distribution facilities.
The MB's main sphere of activity is civil society, not politics, and as such, the MB is closer to the Nur movement and its primary branch in Turkey, the GE-len movement, against which Erdoy-an is waging war today.
AQUARIUS Jan 20- Feb 18 Take a total control of things in your sphere of activity at workplace.
The main purpose of the law is to regulate social relations in the sphere of activity of the National Guard of Kazakhstan.
Marek Lowther, Managing Director for Telindus commented: "Becoming part of the telent group is an exciting new step for us and will significantly expand our sphere of activity, whilst contributing our expertise to telent 's overall offering in the marketplace.
Whereas Zarb-e-Azb is progressing well and armed forces have broken the back of the militants, Kabul accuses that Pakistani military is hoodwinking the Americans by selectively targeting the \'bad Taliban\' and is actually giving a pass to the \'good Taliban\' such as the Haqqanis whose sphere of activity is Afghanistan.
Counterintelligence is a traditional sphere of activity for the FSB, and that's really a sector with intensive field operations," Putin said on Monday according to ITAR-TAS.
With their expertise, they will help us drive forward the foundation's work and, in particular, expand our sphere of activity in Latin America," said Lukas Braunschweiler, President of the Hear the World Foundation and CEO of Sonova.
Space is a sphere of activity that allows us to forget about all the difficulties of international relations," said Putin, who has faced criticism from the United States and Europe over human rights since his return to the Kremlin last May.
Sandler rendered great service to Bavaria through his successful entrepreneurship and his exceptionally committed work in numerous regional and trans-regional committees far beyond his professional sphere of activity.
Governor called upon students to acquire education with dedication and hard work and move forward in every sphere of activity and serve the country and the province.