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Morphology:Macroscopic and microscopic features of ascomata of the three Tuber species investigated,except for spherical spores percentage found in T.
The application program interface (API) for RICOH THETA S is based on Google-supported Open Spherical Camera API for compatibility with Google's services.
8-11 Spherical aberrations were found significantly correlated with myopia by some authors,8 while others confined their relation to high myopia only,12 and still others could not found any statistically significant correlation.
Spherical Growth Series of Free Groups and of Free Abelian Groups
In terms of waveguide electrodynamics, this problem can be reformulated as an excitation problem of a slotted waveguide radiator with a conducting spherical flange.
At this point, an applied scratch load is high enough to make the spherical bump begins to undergo permanent deformation.
Now, we reach the total instantaneous fluctuations within the spherical shell at the cosmological instant t, a sum of spacelike localized instantaneous fundamental fluctuations within the spherical shell, giving the total instantaneous fuctuation within this shell.
We define the cage speed like an initial functional parameter of the spherical roller bearing.
In the mineral processing, paper and petroleum sectors, for example, the drive units for heavy-duty extruder machinery are fitted with split spherical roller bearings to help reduce overhaul times and minimise production downtime.
The power of the housing and spherical ball liner to absorb vibrations differently than steel-the rotational, swiveling and oscillating movements of the self-supporting shaft take place within the spherical cap, which dampens vibratory effects.
It is worth noting that the maps created in the limited lead, spherical system gained the more realistic image, resulting from the effect of cardioelectric space symmetrization.