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Pollen grains large to very large, 81-195 [micro]m in diameter, spheroidal, and inaperturate (Table 2, Fig.
Although the basic solutions for navigational purposes have already been known and widely used there are still the new spherical and spheroidal approaches made to the subject.
Table 1 Classification of corneal degenerations Involutional Non-involutional Corneal arcus Band keratopathy Farinata Salzmann's nodular degeneration Furrow degeneration Spheroidal degeneration Crocodile Shagreen Terrien's marginal degeneration Table 2 Local and systemic causes of band keratopathy Local Systemic Chronic uveitis Hyperparathyroidism Intraocular silicone oil Renal failure Interstitial keratitis Excessive vitamin D intake Topical medications (phosphate containing) Sarcoidosis Juvenile dopathic arthritis Milk-alkali syndrome with uveitis Phthisis bulbi Hypophosphatasia
Figure 5k shows the occurrence of neddle-like crystals of thomsonite along with botroidal and fibrous spheroidal Fe-oxyhydroxides A fibrous and reticulate aggregate which is transparent to translucent having a variety of colours ranging from white to yellow to reddish gray, can be attributed to levyne (Figure 5l).
Slavyanov, Spheroidal and Coulomb Spheroidal Functions, [in Russian], Nauka, Moscow, 1976.
Alberti extended length tools are constructed with the same chromium plated, high tensile strength GS 600 spheroidal cast iron bodies and Abec 7 angular contact bearings as the standard length tools.
2B to C) of characteristics: (1) ellipsoidal, spheroidal or polygonal shapes; (2) basophilic to lightly acidophilic staining affinity; (3) bigger size than gonias; (4) high nucleocitoplasmic quotient and (5) boundary cytoplasm-nucleus diffuse.
A method to compute the eigenvalues of the spheroidal wave equations is proposed, as an application of a theorem on eigenvalues of certain classes of infinite matrices.
Spheroidal and sprawling-dense clusters of marcasite (Fig.
When the coagulation is carried out in the reaction limited aggregation (RLA) regime, a coagulation time of about 1-120 sec, the system can be controlled by mixing to yield dense, spheroidal aggregates with a very narrow particle size distribution.
II) encased in radial fibrous calcium-carbonate cement, (2) thrombolite, and (3) ovoid or spheroidal sand-size peloids, in order of decreasing abundance.