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9/10 Co-op Fully Iced Christmas Cake - PS8 I'm a big fan of nutmeg so the gorgeous spicey aroma and taste to this cake suited me nicely.
Nevertheless, it is excellent stuff with soft plum and bramble flavours underpinned by touches of spicey chocolate and enough tannin on the finish to make it work well with food.
I think when you change key players in key positions, it's a big decision and Spicey (Jason Spice) and Nicky (Robinson) did a great job last year but I'm sure the boys coming in will do just as well.
A cabernet-zinfandel blend; spicey flowery nose; blackberry, pepper, cherry and spice flavors; big tannins; long finish; a wine to go with New York strip steak.
The four fragrances in the collection are all fruity and spicey - raspberry, ginger, vanilla and tangerine.
RICH gamey red wines go well with duck, particularly such a strongly, spicey dish as this.
ALL-SPICE - Christin Dill, Willamette; Arvilla Ginger, Willamette; Spicey Pitcher, Thurston.
TRAVEL TIPSTRY Spicey Jerk chicken or pork with rice and peas - but avoid the boiled green bananas.
THE BURKAS' CAN CAN features a feisty Islamic "Wife of Bath" named Spicey Blazing who introduces a package of pro-woman reforms: 72 male houris to wait on her in paradise (in SWEET SLAVE TO WAIT ON ME), Allah as a woman and curfews for men.
The interest in herbs is so great now that seed catalogues list different types of basil, including spicey, Thai and large lettuce leaved.
She might be a wide-eyed glamour puss when it comes to glossy magazine covers, but Just For The Record, the former Spicey one is more like Waynetta Slob after a few yoga workouts.