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Her favourite dish is apparently Chicken Naga curry - the spiciest thing on the menu.
But there's no doubt about it, Scotland's newest, spiciest sitcom, Meet The Magoons, is very funny.
99 until June 29), goes well with the spiciest barbecue food.
So it was surprising that FIFA appointed a Nigerian official with little experience of fragile Latin temperaments to maintain law and order at one of the first round's spiciest fixtures.
IF variety really is the spice of life, this island on which we live must be the spiciest place on earth.
These chili connoisseurs also contend for various awards in other categories, including Best Taste, Best Presentation, Spiciest and Most Innovative Ingredients prizes.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 24 (ANI): With 29 states providing food ranging from the spiciest dishes to the blandest preparations, the variety of food that India has to offer is simply mind boggling.
They are said to be the third hottest pepper in the world with a rating of 1,382,118 Scoville Heat Units - a scale to rate the hottest and spiciest foods.
Nigella says, 'If you're coldy (and if no child is eating this), I suggest you use the spiciest, hottest sauce you can find.
Classics spring to mind, like the spiciest of grapes, Gewurztraminer, the ultimate in aromatic, Pinot Gris.
The Chipotle flavor, which is my favorite, is the spiciest, complemented by sweet corn and peas in the filling.
North East Chilli Festival Seaton Delaval Hall The annual event sees over 80 producers set out their stalls, offering the tastiest and spiciest chilli products.