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The areas were chosen based on restrictions in state law and the proposed ordinance, and not any preference for the Northeast Valley, Spiker said.
Alvarez' rookie teammate Dolly Verzosa was named as the 2nd Best Outside Spiker.
1998 winners: Boys - Nordhoff; Josh Spiker (Ventura).
My biggest inspiration were my children, who endured many uncomfortable situations - heat, wet grass, even red ants, just to help Mommy get a good shot,'' Spiker said.
Spiker, in turn, is splitting his take with partner Larry Calemine, who is the executive officer of the Local Agency Formation Commission.
Also winning individual awards were Petron's Mika Reyes as First Middle Spiker, Majoy Baron of F2 as Second Best Middle Spiker, Jaja Santiago of Foton as Best Opposite Spiker, Kim Kiana Dy of F2 as Second Best Opposite, Dawn Macandili of F2 as Best Libero, and Japanese Yuri Fukuda of Petron as Second Best Libero.
Kianna Dy and Mary Joy Baron were named as the 2nd Best Opposite Spiker and 2nd Best Middle Blockers.
FEU was also reaped a pair of hardwares with Jeannette Villareal and Toni Rose Basas being named Best Middle Blocker and Best Opposite Spiker, respectively.
Apart from being the conference MVP, Espejo also bagged the Finals MVP plum and was recognized as the Best Outside Spiker.
Pocari Sweat's marksman won her second MVP trophy and the 1st Best Outside Spiker after leading the Lady Warriors to a 5-2 record in the elimination round with a total of 143 points, the highest in the league.
Petron Blaze Spiker Aiza Maizo-Pontillas is no stranger to winning individual awards.
Graduating spiker Kianna Dy, Most Valuable Player of Season 78's finals, led the Lady Spikers with 21 points on 11 attacks, seven blocks and three service aces.