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A cervical anterior spinal artery syndrome after diagnostic blockade of the right C6-nerve root.
A case of aortic coarctation presenting with quadriparesis due to dilated tortuous anterior spinal artery.
Clinical presentation and treatment considerations of a ruptured posterior spinal artery pseudoaneurysm.
10) Originating from the vertebral arteries, (10) the single anterior spinal artery supplies the anterior third of the spinal cord, including the central grey matter and anterolateral white matter, while the paired posterior spinal arteries supply the posterior third, including the posterior columns (Figure 5).
Since then his career has soared, despite the fact that in 1988, at the age of 48, he was struck down by a spinal artery occlusion that left him confined to a wheel chair, a partial quadriplegic.
Fourteen were chronic, post-traumatic SCI and one classified as sensory and motor incomplete as a result of spinal artery thrombosis (Table 1).
Brownlee concluded that there had been an injury to the victim's anterior spinal artery.
A 19-year-old man presented with an acute quadriplegia secondary to anterior spinal artery thrombosis He required admission to the intensive care unit for ventilatory support and developed autonomic dysreflexia within 72 hours of his first symptoms, due to paralytic ileus with distension of the bowel.
have infused bone-marrow-derived stem cells into the spinal artery closest to the injury site in 32 subjects with clinically complete injuries (2-12 years postinjury).