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Spineless will feature hundreds of specimens from the museum's extensive natural history collections that are not currently on display, alongside several live specimens including the world's heaviest stick insect and largest spider.
The prickly shark has no anal fin and two small spineless dorsal fins set far on the back by the tail.
It is spineless, the man who employed him can sack him just as quickly as that.
Dear Editor, It never ceases to amaze me how spineless the UN Security Council can be when it comes to making decisions about internal strife in member nations.
They showed themselves to be spineless and did the cowardly thing by abstaining - a course of action which went against local opinion.
Invicta produces a crop of delicious large green fruits which keep their shape when cooked, while the red fruiting Captivator is a good dessert variety, sweet enough to be eaten fresh and nearly spineless for easy picking.
What's more, he did not do it alone--he had support from other Republicans who had abandoned their own party's principles, and from spineless Democrats who didn't stand up for what they believed.
A few of these spineless cultivators even employ bacteria to make pesticides.
This survey of seven years of work was brimful with caricatures of George Stubbs-like horses, spineless modern architecture, birds that are nothing special, brigantines in fair weather, soulless families, and jazz trios in crew cuts and plaid jackets.