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The surface was little-changed from the one on which the hosts amassed 550; it is just that the Kent bowlers found life and lift absent to the visitors' pedestrian attack and Warwickshire batted spinelessly.
Would you be like Cleo, listening but spinelessly not interfering?
As well as by the RFU, who spinelessly capitulated without a fight even though the policy was at their instigation.
But to speak with humility does not mean that I speak spinelessly.
So now the Beeb, having been relentlessly clobbered by Downing Street for waging a vendetta against the government, is being jeered at by some commentators for spinelessly acting as the government's mouthpiece.
Hrovatin's war-forged humanity is somewhat simplistically contrasted with Alpi's boyfriend, who spinelessly abdicates when her news investigation threatens his ministry job.
While the poet laureate of imperialism, particularly in his Barrack-Room Ballads (1892), celebrates the common soldier, intending to evoke positive associations and sympathy in the reader, Davidson focuses on negative aspects and portrays the army as a mindless, apathetic, brutalized, dehumanized horde of murderers who spinelessly submit to their superior ranks.
It triggered a nightmare afternoon for Wolves as they surrendered spinelessly to their biggest League defeat in over two years.
To his mind, the Gallican clergy's subservience to Louis XIV in the Declaration of 1682 proves the thesis: the king ordered it like a watch or a carriage, and they, Bossuet among them spinelessly complied.
58) But in the story, the provocation to anger (from the Manager at the lift) and the spinelessly indirect response are unaccompanied by narratorial comment.