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The former he had spinelessly left to time to assuage.
And there is widespread disquiet and alarm among many of racing's interest groups, even if their official mouthpieces are seemingly struck dumb and continue spinelessly to kow-tow to our new marketing masters.
Either getting the Republican policies jammed down their throats or spinelessly going along.
I also hold the multinational hamburger chain equally responsible for behaving so spinelessly.
On Monday some of our players looked almost affronted that Villa were defending stoutly and not spinelessly capitulating like they did the last time they visited; their role was to lie down and surrender the three points that are rightfully ours against all but the other members of the 'Big Four'.
Yorkshire legend Boycott said: "Look at the players who capitulated so spinelessly at Sabina Park and you will see that almost all of them appeared in Peter Moores' first series as coach back in 2007.
Next week, Kate convinces Lee to visit a therapist (one of the many disappointments of this show is how it doesn't even try to convince audiences that its situations might arise realistically; it just pops into Kate's head that Lee should do this and he spinelessly accedes to her suggestion) and comforts Tim after his grandmother dies.
Rigid modernism is thereby gleefully transformed into the spinelessly expressionistic equivalent of marshmallow foam.