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premiere of If I Sing to You; Rainer gave Spiraling Down its New York premiere.
Another seasonal attraction at Washington is the sight of more than 500 curlew spiraling down on to Wader Lake at dusk to preen and feed, before roosting alongside shelduck and redshank.
When it appeared on the Internet Monday, it sparked a sell-off in United stock, sending it spiraling down from more than $12 a share at its opening to a penny a share before Nasdaq halted trading about a half-hour into Monday's session.
Nat falls in love for the first time with a slightly older guy, and the all-consuming love affair deteriorates just as final exams loom; Sofia has had more experience with men, but this time she finds the right one; Lisa, who has always been more organized and isolated, becomes ever more so, spiraling down into anorexia and school failure.
Tumultuous times in broadcasting brought the stocks of radio and television companies spiraling down.