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Strong competition, soaring health care and raw material costs and a slide in US market share have sent both GM and Ford spiralling down into the red this year.
And Geldof, 52, tells BBC1's Jeremy Vine tomorrow: 'Things were spiralling down so much that while her death wasn't the inevitable conclusion it was certainly a possibility.
It was that kind of charlie big-potatoes attitude which sent Scottish football spiralling down the road to financial ruin.
Given the competitive state of grocery at the moment, and the way prices are now spiralling down in many key categories (booze being the obvious one), it should come as no surprise to learn that shoppers do not expect to spend any more than they did last year on their Christmas shopping.
Executioners moved up to fourth after collecting a white wash from Gigolo's, whilst second-placed Simpsons sent Red & White spiralling down the table.
This is pure theatre with a staircase spiralling down from an upper balcony where guests or fashion models can make a grand entrance a la Ziegfeld Follies.
A range of standard fittings is available and the conduit itself has an annular ring design to give flexibility and stop fluid spiralling down its length.
Earlier this week, Syrian rebels said they had shot down an army helicopter and the video of the aircraft spiralling down before exploding was posted on the Internet.