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From the only remaining cultural hub in a small town, the Mermaid Cafe, which exists where all others have been shut down by the government and story providing a child's eye perspective on its final demise and its effects on his world and the community at large to a tale of being "alone and helpless in a cold and spiritless house" in 'The Maid', these sagas are first-person reflections of what it means to live in modern Iran, and they adroitly explore the cultural boundaries of its traditions and people.
Accordingly, it was thought that a deficiency of yellow bile would make a person spiritless and a coward.
s mind is a worry that, on the one hand, "Christians in historic Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox traditions may lose the penchant for ecstatic experiences" and try to function "in a sort of spiritless void.
His chapter on Western attitudes focuses on the tension between an early, benign view of nature (as something sacred and inhabited by spirit) and a dominating, fearful view of nature (as something spiritless, dangerous, and meant to be conquered) which came to be both a source of power for Western Civilization, and also the root of todayAEs environmental crisis.
I don't consider myself spiritual, and I often feel like those who do imply they're in possession of greater love, deeper wisdom, and a wider perspective than poor spiritless me.
in Weber, the value-rationality of the Protestant sects turn into its other, namely, the mechanical and seemingly spiritless machineries of modern capitalism, and in Beck the instrumental rationality of this first modernity gives rise to a new modernity characterized by potentially catastrophic risks that emerge out of scientific attempts to control the world.
One dimensional, sure, spiritless, yes, but please don't parade the old excuse of tiredness after Benfica.
Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation.
On paper, Everton's home match against an apparently spiritless Aston Villa looks a foregone conclusion.
The embassy's response to the GDN on December 13 was the usual, spiritless stereotype that it has installed cameras to monitor staff activities and see visitors are not held for a long time.
1968 TUESDAY, JULY 31 Cardiff gets the thumbs down in newsletter, Glam achieve historic victory, wet July almost in the record books and much more make the news 44 years ago this week Depressing, spiritless unwelcoming, .
We now vote in New York by filling in circles next to our choices in the manner of spiritless students answering multiple-choice questions on one of those standardized tests which Bush's No Child Left Behind inflicted on the nation's schoolchildren.