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Some people lift themselves up spiritually, but end up neglecting the other areas.
Synopsis: "Skinny Life: The Real Secret to Being Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually Fit" by life coach Crystal Dwyer Hansen is all about how to be naturally thin, fit, and healthy
You are very sick spiritually when your convictions move you to do something hurtful to your children or spouse or some other member of the family.
The essays ask how might our examinations of our inner lives matter in teaching and teacher education, how embracing spirituality opens space in dialogues in teacher education, how to heal the pain of disconnection, how spiritually-centered caring for black students in suburban schools works, what spiritually relevant pedagogy in a global era means, how to teach from a spiritual paradigm, when fostering biracial identity in spiritual learning with black female youth is necessary, and how all who have a visionary response to teaching will succeed.
Those who are feeling stressed, lost or burnt out from life have the ability to become spiritually awakened if they have the right tools.
In the magazine, Kayiatos tells queer, transgender filmmaker Chris Vargas, that he "identifies as straight but questioning, culturally queer and emotionally and spiritually lesbian.
There is a Bible study led by the rector and I have found that, within small studies like these, I grow spiritually.
For all social workers out there--including the liberal, progressive, godless, and the narrowly religious--this article is a good starting point when it comes to spiritually modified therapy, cognitive or otherwise.
We must make Jesus the centre of our parish lives, spiritually and physically.
Just as it is possible for a slave to know more true inner freedom than his master, it is possible for a priest to thrive spiritually and personally in the condition of mandated celibacy.
The choice to receive spiritual or pastoral care, the choice to complete a spiritual assessment, and the choice to participate in a religious or spiritually based treatment program always remains the private choice of the veteran," Shabaz wrote in Freedom From Religion Foundation v.
Drawing upon the author's life as personal testimonial, Secure in Heart discusses how to spot Satan's false securities, and the flaws of being so self-reliant or self-protective as to shut out one's need for God, a condition as spiritually harmful as being so dependent or helpless as to be unable to turn toward or trust God.