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Her dating someone she knew you cared about has all the hallmarks of immature spitefulness.
I can think of no other reason than spitefulness for this," she said.
Dad left us when I was seven because he couldn't take any more of her shouting and spitefulness.
The spitefulness detracted from an impressive win for Wales, who fell behind when Krisztian Kenesei tucked away a penalty but quickly drew level through Jason Koumas.
You know this man puts you down but you're transformed when he says sorry and ignore all the spitefulness that's gone before.
But suddenly, after being so much in charge, Arsenal switched off and might have paid the price, as Sparta began to show more of the spitefulness in the tackle that had disconcerted the Gunners first time round.
He was born in Angola but brought to London and subjected to years of "wanton malevolence, spitefulness and brutality" in an "upbringing of pitiless persecution" by his father and stepmother, said his lawyer Sir John Nutting QC.
He wrote bitterly to his mum: "To deny a fellow the right of a final leave seems to me to be miserable spitefulness on their part.
And it strikes me that not a little of your motivation to reveal his duplicity is driven by spitefulness.
And as if living with a human karaoke machine stuck on replay wasn't bad enough, his children Kareena, Adi, Ronny and Ash have to endure his relentless humiliation, spitefulness and vicious bullying.
Iraq evidently is a perfect example of spitefulness of the United States in particular.
None of the spitefulness could conceal the fact that for the moment, the sun was shining on Donald Trump.