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Even if the mayor had predicted the level of Nixon's spitefulness, it would have been quite difficult to attend the dinner and retain any credibility.
The draft should have been tossed into the trash, having cleared the writer's mind of spitefulness and prepared the way for real analysis.
Her journey into the past is punctuated by half-formed thoughts or, rather, inchoate longings that are felt only as physical appetites and are articulated (barely) through a language in which resentment and futile spitefulness are the strongest sentiments, flowing "smoothly over her mind, hardening into a crust" (211).
Also, it was the sheer spitefulness of the radical fringe of the Republican Party, who, because they could never accept a liberal African-American president, let alone the son of a Muslim Kenyan immigrant, did everything possible to throttle the economic recovery during Obama's first term.
He often complained to me about the pettiness and spitefulness of colleagues and associates, and of those who, as he put it, "simply do not know bow to do.
to launch development projects," the Bishop advised all to work together with hearts full of love away from spitefulness.
According to the author's publicity, the story revolves around the "petty spitefulness and complexity of living in close proximity to some neighbours".
Angela's book is for sale online at Amazon, where her own description of the story reads: "Rotten Row is about the petty spitefulness and complexity of living in close proximity to some neighbours.
The few selections from her diary show that she did not have the gift of spitefulness to be a diarist.
Helpful, hospitable, generous Bahrainis, whose renowned courtesy and concern for most expats is legendary, and the poor woman had to strike these two particular serpents of spitefulness.
If we sinned, forgive us the faults that we committed more by weakness that by spitefulness.
But in reality, for the majority of Catholic laity in this country who support marriage equality, Cordileone's promotion is only further, glaring evidence of the hierarchy's deepening descent into meanness, spitefulness and pastoral insensitivity.