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Well, monsieur, my Menneville spitted the joker, to the great astonishment of the spectators, and said to the cook: -- `Take this goose, my friend, it is fatter than your fowl.
He was a very valiant man, but at the battle of Brignais he was spitted through the body by a Hainault man-at-arms.
But destroying it would be a crime against God and Art, and may I be spitted on the vane of St.
Vohra cannot deny the fact that leaders of the ruling BJP have spitted venom against the minorities particularly Muslims and the media only highlighted those hate-filled statements.
Translation: T his is becoming a trend, if the guy who spitted on him was punished this would have never happened.
If there is a community in the complex network, the community can be spitted out by gradually removing these adjacent edges with a higher betweenness value that controls most of the information flow in the network because of its small quantity between communities.