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The sketches are very Spitting Image and the puppets too, except with annoying animated mouths.
But the first outing for these grotesque puppets (they weren't, admittedly, as grotesque as the Spitting Image creations) did more than enough to ensure I'd be back for more next week.
Several Thatcher puppets were made by Spitting Image creators Roger Law and Peter Fluck for the show which ran for 12 years during the 1980s and 1990s.
Speaking from Sicily, where he is on holiday, he said: "I hated Thatcher's policies and was determined to do Spitting Image.
bar] FUNDRAISER: A selection of political puppets made for satirical television show Spitting Image raised more than pounds 7,000 when they were sold separately.
Spitting Image ran from 1984 to 1996 and after the series ended the puppets were sold off by Roger Law, who along with Peter Fluck created the hit show for ITV.
But he capitalised on it and wrote a book with a Spitting Image writer.
Diana is now interested in Rick, but he is the spitting image of Penny's dream boy.
But isn't ER's Shane West the spitting image of him?
ANDREW FLINTOFF is the spitting image of the bouncer at my local nightclub.
Terri is everything Marty could have wished for - a talented gymnast, an able assistant and the spitting image of Princess Diana - and a glittering professional future seems to beckon for them both.
The Spitting Image model of the late Edgbaston-born romantic fiction writer beat Madonna's latex double to pole position at auction yesterday.