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The park is offering its annual splash down pass at a special offer price of BD50 currently.
1965: Gemini V returns to Earth Two American astronauts splash down safely in the Atlantic after setting a space endurance record.
But alas, it seems that Nell Armstrong was content to splash down and blend into the woodwork.
Breeching is a kind of playful activity in which the whales lift two-thirds of their body out of the water and splash down.
Nuttall dived over to literally splash down for the winning score in the dying seconds as Ponty completed a remarkable second-half fight-back.
Contestants hurl themselves off a 35ft-high take-off platform on Bognor Pier and splash down in the English Channel.
Other favorites include the Slip 'N Slide Obstacle Course, where kids jump over a hurdle, bound through four water-filled inflatable tires, and dive onto the 18-foot water slide toward a soaking flag finish in the Splash Zone; and Splash Down, which combines football with the slide as they grab the inflatable pigskin, dive down the 20-foot field and finish in the end zone, complete with goat posts.