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Chief Doctor Charles Berry said the astronauts' heart rates had gone up to 180 beats a minute during the stressful re-entry stage, but that they had dropped back to normal levels by the time they splashed down.
The extraterrestrial object suspected to have splashed down near Mexico's Yucatan peninsula more than 65 million years ago did more than just blast a big hole, cause worldwide climate change, and wipe out the dinosaurs.
31 last year, North Korea fired a multistage rocket, part of which flew over Japan and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean.
His lugworm bait splashed down soon after 5am to tempt a 28lb 4oz beauty and then one of 21lb.
Apollo 10 returned to Earth and splashed down on May 26.
Big sloshy tears that splashed down her long, bony nose, nestling in the deep crevices that framed her full mouth.
The famous yellow vehicles have not splashed down in the city since the summer of 2013, when a Wacker Quacker sank in Salthouse Dock with 33 people on board.
Navy and Lockheed Martin recovery crews aboard the USS Anchorage witnessed the Orion spacecraft as it splashed down in the Pacific Ocean.
After the craft splashed down in the Pacific, NASA's Orion program manager Mark Geyer said: "It's hard to have a better day than today.
From 1961 to 1975, teams of Navy ships tracked and recovered Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spacecraft after they re-entered the Earth's atmosphere and splashed down in oceans.