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Nakamura, the former star third baseman for the Kintetsu Buffaloes who is in spring training with the Dodgers on a minor-league contract, stepped out of the dugout and onto the field, then smiled and bowed graciously to the phalanx of cameras splayed out in front of him.
Energy explodes from torsos, courses through limbs, and shoots out fingers splayed, reflexively, like a child's.
From the Old Town, its north-west flank appears to reply to the splayed Renaissance fortifications.
To make matters worse, she's a hot teen (Elisabeth Harnois) unaware of her paternal lineage (the blemish in her eye symbolizing 666 would be a good clue, though, or the fact that bees swarm over a guy who tries to kill her in a church, leaving his arms splayed as if on a crucifix).
In "Va'a" the dancers exaggerated rocking back and forth into hopping from one foot to another with their arms and legs splayed in rigid right angles.
A milky white fawn is shown standing on a Persian carpet with its legs splayed, casting a dark, oddly shaped shadow.
Just centimeters away, the ancient siltstone preserves a so-called resting trace, the impression of a creature's belly and its splayed hind limbs.
But one of the delights of the whole three-decker volume is the often unexpected positioning of the small square windows which, usually with splayed reveals formed in the thick stone walls, gently diffuse the changing positions of the sun, gradually altering perceptions of the space.
There's much artful diving that ends in a performer vaulting over another performer and ending up prostrate on a step or splayed out against a moving piece of scenery.
The finished sculpture Sweat Equity--with its lopsided posture and splayed columns--is a disaster because something apparently went amiss between the drawing and folding stages.
Note: I did not find sexy the numerous times the women's legs splayed wide during partnering.