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Visibility Splays Defined as grass that is adjacent to a road junction and is within the sight line for drivers turning in or out to be cut minimum of 3 times per year.
With the help of seismic profiles and field studies of rock outcrops, Pohn saw evidence for the splays coming up to the surface, and for those that did reach that far, he found that they tended to lie between one hill-like fold and the next.
As the one facing the piazza reaches first floor level, it splays out slightly over a glazed secondary entrance, as if disturbed by some unseen force.
Plans of historic workings indicate that the strike of the system is 1 km and the main vein and splays in the Cainel zone occur over a width of some 100 metres with a secondary splay to the east covering a 200 metre width.
It is associated with secondary fault splays from the main SWFZ and chlorite-ankerite alteration with an anomalous gold value.
The eight zones occur within the main Santa Cruz vein and related sub-parallel vein splays, over a 3000 m strike length and are from northwest to southeast as follows:
Main recommendation for Lodes -- "Explore the potential for bulk mineable tonnage deposit(s), based on including lenses of multi-ounce gold quartz veins with auriferous splays and sub-parallel, sheeted quartz vein systems.