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The programme will test the continuity of the main vein system, secondary splays and associated wallrock mineralisation along some 700 metres of strike with four, east - west drill fences.
Victor Breccia is a distinct rhodonite-sulfide breccia zone up to 150 m long in a subparallel vein splay to the main Santa Cruz vein, both of which were mined from surface down 100 m to mine level #6 in this area.
Most of the deposits are at or near the hanging wall of the Deformation Zone or one of the parallel structures or splays, except at the southern end of Suluk and at South Patch where mineralization is contained within the Deformation Zone.
Splays & Parallel Structures (Rand Spur, North Patch, North Valley and Windy Linear) -- These areas all have geology indicative of splays off the Deformation Zone, and possible linking structures similar to Naartok, that could be dilation zones favourable for the emplacement of gold mineralization.
By analogy, the veins that have been drilled to date at Ivanhoe, parallel vein trends that are secondary splays like the Gold Crown vein at Ken Snyder, further emphasizing the potential importance of the north-northwest direction.
The indicator mineral finds and the confirmation of near surface point source magnetic anomalies in subsidiary splays of the Smoky River structure puts the Buffalo Hills property in a new kimberlite/diamond exploration prospective.
Many of the anomalous soils and tills are associated with splays of the Green Cove Lineament and have yet to be evaluated.
South Structure- Several fault splays off the South structure but within the productive Carrara were partially tested by Freeport in 1985-86.