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The splenic artery is most commonly involved, followed by the gastro-duodenal artery, celiac artery, or SMA.
The catheterization of the splenic artery was achieved through the use of a femoral artery approach.
On arterial and venous phase images, the center of the lesion showed distinct enhancement that was isoattenuating to the splenic artery.
To achieve vascular control, some authors identified and divided selectively the arterial and venous branches of the splenic pole to be resected (1), while others performed subtotal splenectomy with division of the splenic artery and vein but preserved the upper pole based on the short gastric vessels (5).
Same-donor iliac "Y" vessel allografts were anastomosed to the donor superior mesenteric artery and splenic artery of the pancreas allograft in an end-to-end fashion.
There are three possible routes for spread of tumor to the spleen: by means of the splenic artery, retrogradely by means of the splenic vein, and through the lymphatics.