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Headquartered outside of Atlanta, GA, SPLICE is a start-up creative agency focused on employer branding projects for company's of all sizes.
In the preliminary version of this paper [14], we proposed a novel approach to splice site prediction and showed experimental results.
The cold splice crimp barrel design is similar to that of the conventional style.
3M said that the new splice kit is designed for cables with a conductor size range from 4/0 AWG-1000 kcmil, which are typically used by power utilities and heavy industry.
Featuring a re-enterable housing, VisiLock allows for visible examination of an encapsulated cathodic splice without opening the box with its semi-transparent housing design.
We developed a quantitative real-time reverse transcription (RT)-PCR method for 4 individual TERT splice variants to clarify their quantitative relationship in tumor cell lines and in NSCLC tissues and their surrounding noncancerous tissues.
If you Cut out the leaky section and splice the hose back together, you won't have to throw it out.
Among numerous findings, Leech concludes that friction between strands in an admiralty splice prevents sawlike interstrand motions and holds the splice together.
Arclad[R] 0101 is a double-faced, aqua-green, premium repulpable splicing tape for adhesion to "hard-to-adhere" paper and paper-board grades for flying splice applications.
Alternative splicing is largely responsible for the proteomic complexity of the approximately 30,000-40,000 genes in the human genome; 40-60 percent of human genes have alternative splice forms.
In most light-duty conveyor systems, one of the key factors in obtaining conveyor uptime is achieving the optimum splice.
One other possible solution came in the form of a tinplated steel splice for electrical applications available in continuous strips on reels.