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With Spark, the Splice Machine RDBMS adds an extensive management console.
The test team evaluated the splices periodically for a year and found no splice failures.
Each type of light-duty belt splice has characteristics that are suitable for certain applications, but large areas of overlap exist between the various offerings.
These could be in the form of glued splice or scarf joints.
We're excited to be investing in Splice Machine through our Startup Accelerator," said Steve Ellis, head of Wells Fargo's Innovation Group.
Fusion Splicer Divisional Manager at Fujikura Europe, Neil Bessant, said : "Through working with our customers and understanding their evolving needs, we know how optimisation is essential in minimising splice loss and keeping splices physically robust in areas that include opto-electronic applications, such as optical amplifiers and sensors.
This indicates that small changes in a nucleotide sequence near a splice point can lead to large changes in splice site choice and proteins produced.
has announced its newest product for cathodic protection, the DryConn VisiLock with SmartGel splice box.
An application report on quality control for the tire and rubber industry examines non-contact splice width measurement.
Many genes that have multiple alternative splice variants, such as receptors and transcription factors, are involved in cell signaling and regulation of gene expression (9).
Item NSN TL-636 black electrical tape 5970-00-685-9059 TL-600 white electrical tape 5970-01-262-3189 TL-83 friction tape 5970-00-644-3167 TL-29 pocket knife 5110-00-240-5943 TL-13 pliers 5120-00-239-8254 TL-13 pliers with skinners 5120-00-247-2063 CS-34 tool carrier 5140-00-498-8898 MK-356 splicing sleeve kit 5940-00-818-1774 U1R splice 5940-00-935-8262 Crimper 5120-01-421-3979