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Remarkably, this function is biased towards transcripts encoded by genes located in heterochromatin, suggesting that heterochromatic transcripts containing long introns might be spliced by a novel mechanism in which the EJC plays a crucial role.
On the protein level, alternatively spliced mRNAs may lead to the use of alternative translation initiation sites, altered translation termination attributable to frame shifts, or the creation or removal of a stop codon, thus causing truncation or extension of the protein product (9).
With patent-pending technology for splice variant detection, TransExpress(TM) Whole Blood includes 31,765 probes for 30,042 alternately spliced sites for 19,770 splice isoforms of 2,928 human genes expressed in whole blood.
However, the solution extends well beyond tire manufacturing to any application where rubber material is spliced together.
In other words, the same DNA can be spliced into patterns that produce different proteins -- and perform different functions.
TransExpress(TM) Whole Spliceome includes 148,693 probes for 135,706 alternately spliced sites for 98,382 splice isoforms of 23,484 human genes.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Service Providers deploying fiber-to-the-premise networks now have secure, weather-tight protection for directly spliced fiber drop cables.
Research to be presented at Splicing 2003 include: the recent discovery of a new cyclooxygenase isoform, Cox-3, a spliced variant of Cox-1, the only cyclooxygenase isoform that is inhibited by pharmacological concentration of the commonly used analgesic acetaminophen.