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These features make it easier to maintain the fusion splicer in an optimal condition.
Additionally, it provides all-inclusive free technical support and servicing of its splicers on an annual basis, with a three-day turnaround for all services/repairs on field splicers.
FSM-80S is the new standard model to cover varied splicing need in those fields," commented Li Longqing, product manager, fusion splicer systems for FiberStore.
Splicers use a blast of compressed air to make joints between yarns in textile processes, connecting bobbins or repairing breakages.
Cable splicers and other linemen, in contrast, encountered continuous EMFs produced by the 60-hertz alternating current of the power lines.
24"H, the full-featured 12S fusion splicer is engineered to increase efficiency in the field.
Our goal is to listen to our customers' valuable input and to design fusion splicers with our history of unwavering commitment to product and service reliability that ultimately offers our customers what they have asked for; the best and most advanced fusion splicing technology with 24/7 service and support.
Raptor Series shaftless core chucks are designed for high speed sheeting applications on unwind flying or zero speed splicers and other shaftless unwind/rewind applications.
Less than 30 years later, Marschke is receiving credit for many critical technological developments including splicers that offer 100% paper utilization; thin blade slitting that increases edge quality an industry standard; and beltless double backers that improve board quality.
About Sumitomo Electric Lightwave: Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL), located in Research Triangle Park, NC, is a leader in the design, innovation, and manufacturing of optical fiber and connectivity solutions, including optical fiber, fiber optic cable, fusion splicers & accessories, field installable connectors, and its FutureFlex[R] Air-blown Network Solutions.
New assortment of products include braid reels, splicers, energizers, ground rod kits and digital testers
David Bankson, president of Label Technology, says, "Martin butt splicers are an essential piece of equipment on our flexible packaging lines.