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The splinter group did not want to be controlled by the ISI and wanted to move to Afghanistan.
The number of Aleph followers stands at about 1,300 while that of the splinter group is about 200, the agency said.
Formed in 1987 as an amalgamation of splinter groups from other militant groups such as the pro-Indian Eelam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF), People's Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE), Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization-TELO.
Pandey claimed that blasts were planned and executed by the splinter group of SIMI which had created a new organization under the name of Indian Mujahedeen which was headed by Mufti Abdul Bashir, who was arrested yesterday morning in Azamgarh.
Arthur Mutambara, who heads a splinter group of the opposition MDC, signed up to a power-sharing accord late on Tuesday, a Zanu-PF official said.
He witnessed the actions of the Weather Underground, a splinter group of Students for a Democratic Society, which, in the late '60s, turned to violence against the U.
As well as the Stick 'Em Up Krew, the gang's bitter rivals are The Peel Dem Crew - who write songs glamorising gun violence - and Peckham's Blood Set, a splinter group of the Peckham Boys who are notorious for "ride-by" stabbings.
He and Mel are both members of a radical right-wing splinter group which has broken away from the Catholic Church.
Judge Adlai Hardin's decision came after a splinter group representing retired pilots formally withdrew its objection to the termination of the plan, which included an option for pilots to retire early at the age of 50 and take out half their entitlements in one lump-sum payment.
Johnson (teaches history and English at Angelina College in Lufkin, Texas) is the true history of a Mormon splinter group, led by maverick Mormon apostle Lyman Wight.
PITTSBURGH -- The Anglican Communion Network, a conservative splinter group of 10 Episcopal dioceses, has approved a financial plan to fund the network's missions and headquarters.