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In well-lit waters, photographers get around this quandary by setting a small aperture (stopping down), but in the dark winters of the Norwegian coast that is not an option, meaning focus is either sharp underwater or above water, leaving the other part of the split-level blurred.
People are tired of split-level morality, split-level Christianity and split-level governance.
ROMANTIC HIDEAWAY: The split-level lounge with Canadian walnut wood flooring, two sets of double French doors, left, and a rustic-style fireplace, far left.
Tesco said it was searching for more split-level town centre sites to open stores with the full Extra range-though it insisted they would not be department stores, as newspapers recently reported.
Hands-down, the split-level owns the title of architects' least favorite house to remodel.
The split-level green is easier to reach with a conservative tee shot that leaves a direct path to the pin.
The San Fernando Valley, the collection of middle- and upper-middle-class neighborhoods and industrial parks that sprawls along the arid flatlands behind the Hollywood sign, is notorious as an ur-suburb, the location of the Brady Bunch split-level manse and other faux sitcom residences.
Apart from the fact that it looks very different to most of its rivals, it has a huge, split-level boot.
In any case, it might be good to rethink the split-level stage that often hides the dancers' feet from most of the audience.
This paper describes an innovative, non-traditional approach to teaching Educational Psychology to undergraduates (UG's) and graduates (G's) together in split-level classes where traditional instruction was complemented by a mentoring program.
reportedly has no credentials in science but does have graduate degrees in "Christian education" from Patriot University, an institution Michael described as a place that "more resembles a split-level home than a place of higher learning.
Right under the moon is a split-level house with a two-car garage.