spoil the look of

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It will border the local conservation area, and there will be new greenery planted on the site, while the car parking areas will be hidden from view so they are not intrusive and do not spoil the look of the complex.
Plans to install the dumpsters in 144 back lanes in Heaton, Jesmond, Sandyford and the Ouseburn in Newcastle have so far been met with resistance by many who worry they will spoil the look of their suburban streets.
Finally, one last bit of advice –no fridge magnets, they'll spoil the look of it.
Residents also claimed wheelie bins kept in front gardens would spoil the look of the "conservation area", or create a hazard to people who struggled to drag their bins from the alley instead.
I know a lot of people hang carpets which definitely spoil the look of the building from the outside but people who hang clothes on a rack will definitely have a problem with the new rules," says Sreetama Maity, who lives in a high-rise in the Al Tawuun area.
It may spoil the look of the place but safety nets must surely now be considered.
The bollards look as they are in place to stop ram raiders and spoil the look of a rural village.
Critics say the new lights and junction spoil the look of the historic area, have created longer delays for drivers at non-peak times and resulted in motorists using rat-runs through residential streets to avoid the junction.
They could do worse than follow Denbighshire's lead and adopt a zero tolerance approach to those who spoil the look of our beautiful region.
No one wants to spoil the look of a Victorian villa or a Georgian townhouse any more than they would adorn a picture-perfect country cottage with a breeze-block extension.
After yesterday's meeting at Swansea council's seafront Civic Centre, which overlooks Mumbles Head, Roger Beynon of Mumbles Community Council said: "We are naturally disappointed because we feel the development is too big and could spoil the look of Mumbles Head.