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To address the information gaps, minimize the opportunities for speculation and ensure more balanced reportage, it was necessary to break away from the traditional mold of spokesmen and redefine expectations.
In order to do that, I looked to spokesmen outside of government and realized that a spokesman didn't always need to be a mere mouthpiece; that a lot could be achieved by being the kind of spokesman who actually explained and provided context for their principal's position, rather than just making announcements.
Spokesmen include: Apprentice-winner Randal Pinkett, Josh Shaw, Brian Mandelbaum, Chris Valletta and Mark Lamkin.
For more information on the Amenity product range or to schedule an interview with founder Dwight Schultheis or one of the celebrity spokesmen, please contact Lauren Rodolitz or Pamela Aronstam, Behrman Communications, 212-986-7000.
In practice, relations between longshoremen and their bosses have been smooth since union leaders overwhelmingly approved the multibillion-dollar deal in December, according to spokesmen from both sides.
The spokesmen said it took two years and hundreds of thousands of dollars of personal funds of the company's Founder and Chairman, Charles Kallmann, to track down looted assets found stored in Las Vegas, call a special shareholder meeting regaining control of the company against tremendous obstacles thrown his way by the former board in attempts to stop him in his efforts to reclaim the company for the benefit of its many thousands of shareholders.
The spokesmen added that Synergie and its group of companies is now positioned to aggressively pursue its tightly focused business plan and the financial viability it enjoyed before this dreadful chain of events took place.
Bad weather grounded three of four scheduled NATO warplane missions in the 24 hours prior to Saturday's briefing, alliance spokesmen said, but one group of combat airplanes flew and Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired from U.
He alleged that not only did the IRS spokesmen illegally disclose confidential tax return information, but that their statements were false.
IRS spokesmen subsequently admitted that statements attributed to them about Erhard's supposed tax liability were false, but that they did not ask the media to correct the statements.
Between April 9 and April 15, 1991, it was widely reported in the news media that: IRS spokesmen said that Werner Erhard owed millions of dollars in back taxes; the IRS believed Erhard was transferring assets out of the country; and the IRS was suing Erhard.