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mini chocolate sponge puddings INGREDIENTS (Serves 4): Preparation: 15 minutes/Baking: 35 minutes A little TREX, for greasing 4tbsp chocolate spread 100g self-raising flour 11/2 tbsp.
SPONGE puddings are making a comeback as one of the nation's favourite treats after decades of declining sales.
After the successful completion of the work, Aunt Bessie's invested in sealing machinery to apply a film lid to the oven board tray, secure in the knowledge that FFP had proved that the solution would work, and that the jammy sponge pudding will remain intact until the consumer is ready to cook it
The meals were simple; lots of bread and butter, mince, carrots and mashed potatoes followed by sponge pudding and custard.
50 and like lemon curd sponge pudding with candied fruit chutney and custard for pudding.
I order warm banana sponge pudding that arrived with a caramelized banana on top of a basic sponge livened up with a tasty salted caramel ice cream.
Her first creation in domestic science class was a treacle sponge pudding.
Students designed, sourced and prepared from scratch tomato and basil soup served with homemade bread rolls, honey glazed chicken served with new potatoes and fresh vegetable parcels, ricotta ravioli for the vegetarian option and a choice of syrup sponge pudding and custard or raspberry and hazelnut meringue cake.
To serve, transfer the Mango and maple sponge pudding to a serving plate and cut into slices with cream or ice cream.
Although the homemade puddings including lemon cheesecake and syrup sponge pudding sounded delicious, only the children were able to manage a couple of scoops of icecream each (pounds 1.
hellraiser Shaun Ryder happily tucked into a sponge pudding containing crocodile's willy on the ITV jungle show as part of this week's series of challenges.
It is basically a sponge pudding with a soft chocolate sauce centre, baked in little moulds or pudding basins.