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Saef is scheduled to share additional research findings including: March 5, 2015: "Standout Sponsorships" at Exhibitor Live March 12, 2015: "Sponsorship 2020: Taking sponsorships to the next level" at Large Show Roundtable
The award came in the Entertainment and Events Sponsorship category.
Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of sponsorship announcements on firm value.
Historically, sponsorship agencies have focussed on sport; however, brands and organisations have started to leverage the benefits of highly tailored brand partnerships that require less marketing spend and integrate a broader range of marketing channels.
More and more, organizations are recruiting dedicated sponsorship sales teams whose sole purpose is to raise sufficient funds to cover basic costs.
DENSO's sponsorship of motor sports began in the early 1970s and extends to teams and riders in two-wheel motor sports, in addition to four-wheel motor sports.
Staff also collected information on the use of sponsorship agreements in other communities.
Jackson continues to try to raise sponsorship money for Lester.
Few churches offer full sponsorships because of the financial burden, says Elsa Tesfay Musa, PWRDF refugee/emergency relief co-ordinator.
From the outset, TEI has solicited feedback from conference participants about the sponsorship program.
She remembers last year that Coca-Cola became the target of a far-right letter-writing campaign after announcing its sponsorship of Atlanta's pride festivities.
512 because they were advertising income, the Service issued proposed regulations in 1993, allowing exempt organizations to receive sponsorship payments without incurring UBTI.