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Liza Madrigal, Head of Marketing for Freixenet UK, said: "We are all guilty of being beholden to our diary arrangements, but we believe that once in a while everyone should add a little spontaneity in their lives.
I really cherish them because they allowed me to combine organisation with spontaneity.
The viewers termed the show as a display of a commendable level of skill, spontaneity and playfulness that the artist achieved after a serious pursuit of clarity and hard work.
I guess it is up to me to create bobbles of fresh air in my daily life, by adding spontaneity, doing things differently, saying things in a different way, meeting new people, engaging new hobbiesC*"
Drawing capaciously on a wide range of literary and philosophical sources, she uses archival materials and the works of John Bunyan, the 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury, Oliver Goldsmith, Christopher Smart, and William Wordsworth to disclose how the languages of science and the market economy shape their defenses of spontaneity and the language of feeling.
Fantastic if only for its freshness, spontaneity, incongruity and bleepability, and the fact that these were the first Oscar winners to take the stage wearing throwback jerseys, sneakers and bling-studded teeth.
Ride comfort is a major criterion for any automatic transmission, but automated transmission systems differ substantially in terms of the level of shift comfort and spontaneity they afford when changing gears," said Wagner.
There is an obvious spontaneity and process of development with the sketch--implicit in the act itself.
Placed in different arrangements, the fragments form either abstract figures that nonetheless consistently breach the austerity of geometric art, or else figurative personages, a bunch of absurd puppets or escaped circus clowns--in either case irreverently commenting on the dryness and lack of spontaneity in so much contemporary art.
Leave spontaneity to the horn blowers in them Beale Street jazz bands.
Chihuly likes the spontaneity of glass and the immediate results he gets when working with it.
His endorsement of a non-narrative cinema based on perception and spontaneity rather than self-consciousness and mediation was, after all, in marked contrast to his major work circa 1985 that, in Testa's view, was "obsessed with ideas and thoroughly narrative in design.