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Spontaneous regression of metastases of RCC is occasionally reported.
Spontaneous regression of reticulum-cell sarcoma of bone.
Spontaneous regression of renal cell carcinoma: a pitfall in diagnosis of renal lesions.
Spontaneous regression has been noted in the literature [Kumar et al.
On the other hand, the optimal duration of propranolol treatment remains problematic due to the risk of recurrence when it is withdrawn before the age of spontaneous regression (generally accepted as [less than or equal to] 18 months) (16).
Despite the highly malignant course of MCC, there have been over twenty reports of spontaneous regression or resolution of this tumor (1-4).
The involvement of granulocytes in spontaneous regression of Walker 256 carcinoma.
Spontaneous regression of advanced cancer: identification of a unique genetically determined, age-dependent trait in mice.
But, until now, reports of such spontaneous regression were oddities, thought to happen only rarely.
According to this paper there is little past evidence of spontaneous regression of breast cancer because
The case was written up in the Hawaii Medical Journal in 2000 in an article about complete spontaneous regression of cancer.

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