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With spontaneous ventilation, there is a reduction in intrathoracic pressure during inspiration and a subsequent decrease in pulmonary vascular pressure (Swan, 1991).
In the five clinical scenarios, dexmedetomidine provided effective sedation during spontaneous ventilation in two patients, reversed the clinical signs and symptoms of withdrawal from illicit substances in one patient, and was effective in the treatment of postanesthesia emergence delirium and shivering in two additional patients.
During spontaneous ventilation, the inflating function does not operate, although most valves still ensure a one-way flow of gas from the system to the patient.
The differences between spontaneous ventilation and the controlled ventilation accomplished by positive airway pressure relate both to the average gradients of pressure developed during the tidal cycle and to their regional distributions across the lungs and chest wall.
If short-acting drugs had been used (propofol, suxamethonium, alfentanil) the patient can be expected to resume spontaneous ventilation shortly.
An indirect laryngoscopy with the GVL was performed while maintaining spontaneous ventilation.
Assuming its upper- and lower-pressure baselines are held constant, mean airway pressure falls as the number of release (ventilating) cycles increases, Moreover, while APRV encourages spontaneous breathing efforts, it is not certain that the theoretical V/Q benefits of spontaneous ventilation are preserved when mean airway pressure is so high.
Following several episodes where this issue became apparent, I decided to use isoflurane for all procedures with spontaneous ventilation including airway examination.
These changes relatively contraindicate general anaesthesia techniques that allow spontaneous ventilation with an unprotected airway.

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