sporting event

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Although most of the participants come from the United States, it is truly an international sporting event.
Dellins said alcohol is not sold at any UCLA sporting event.
There are numerous ways in which to make a sporting event fun for the spectator.
Major sporting events (such as the 2002 Winter Olympics, the Super Bowl or the Masters golf tournament), may confer gold on more than just the athletes involved.
Hosting a major winter sporting event was not new to Vail officials.
IRISH people will be able to watch major sporting events for free under a new law.
The site features pages for more than 300 major sporting events in more than 150 cities across the globe.
QuintEvents' innovative Official programs expand fan experience opportunities in a way that reflects the quality and prestige of those brands and offers clients access to larger blocks of seats, unique venue access and hospitality, celebrity appearances, interactive experiences, the best hotels and access to exclusive parties at the world's most prestigious sporting events.
QuintEvents is the perfect partner for us in this initiative, as they've already established themselves as the standard bearer for how sporting event travel should be done, with an infrastructure that is the best in the industry.
Readers of this report will have comprehensive insight into the sporting events market, with our concrete recommendations on seizing opportunities to increase revenues.
Similar to their male counterparts, female respondents said they are willing to pay more for a men's rather than a women's sporting event.
You look at all the people that volunteer their time to make a youth sporting event go, like the guy in the snack shop or the groundskeeper.