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This year the tone was determinedly country gent with moss coloured sports jackets, beige cords and slacks and brogues much in evidence.
Although Bermuda's dress code is conservative, daywear is sporty or casual, and nighttime casually elegant (men, bring a sports jacket or suit).
He was wearing a beige sports jacket, light coloured trousers, brown shoes and a tweed cap.
He was described as six feet tall, of stocky build and was wearing a black sports jacket, dark trousers, a grey balaclava and grey gloves.
he mother-of-two went for the smart-casual approach in a pair of 425 pound stretch jersey military pants, plunging top, sports jacket and peep-toe shot boots.
Just when we all thought the economic news couldn't get anymore depressing, our PM steps out for a holiday photo op wearing a fawn sports jacket and puts a smile on the whole nation's face.
The third offender is white, of small build, between 5ft 5ins-8ins, with short brown hair and wearing dark blue tracksuit bottoms and a dark sports jacket.
Major Watkins explained, to wild applause, that while he wore his khaki shirt and trousers, to circumvent the ban, he had hastily borrowed a tie, pullover and sports jacket from the supporter who drove him to the meeting.
He was wearing a greeny-brown sports jacket with blue jeans and a green checked cap.
He was wearing a red sports jacket with white markings and blue jeans.
Wearing blue jeans, a white polo neck and a sports jacket, Marley spoke only to confirm her name, age and address.
The suspect was described as a heavy-set man with a swarthy complexion who witnesses said was clean-shaven, wore glasses, a light-colored shirt and sports jacket.