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He is a member of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Mississippi Orthopaedic Society and American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine.
He is currently the school district and team physician for Neptune School District, school district physician for Manasquan School district, team physician (with the sports medicine fellow) for Raritan High School in Hazlet, and recently completed 20 years as team physician for Georgian Court University.
This new clinic has been started together with Per 'Pliggen' Andersson, a general practitioner specialised in sports medicine, who has been active at the Olympic level as an athlete, trainer and doctor.
Education of primary care sports medicine in different countries varies widely from a short term course to 3 to 5 year specialty programs including a one year fellowship program in north America and 1-2 year master's degree in some English speaking countries (8-10).
Professor Dr Tawfik bin Ahmad Khoja, Director General of the Health Ministers' Council for GCC States, said: "This conference should serve as a springboard for generating further interest in sports medicine in the GCC region.
In 2015, the body reconstruction & repair products segment is expected to account for the largest share of the global sports medicine market, by product, while the knee injuries segment is expected to account for the largest share of the sports medicine market, by application.
August Bier (1861-1949) and Arthur Mallwitz (1880-1968), both German doctors, organized the first lectures in sports medicine at the Berlin University in 1919.
When preparations for the Games had begun, the OC had constituted a medical committee but sports medicine experts had not been roped in.
Dr Brukner is the founding partner of Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre in Melbourne, the largest sports medicine clinic in Australia.
This is an important document and therefore we have taken the unusual step of publishing it in SAJSM, free of copyright restriction, even though it will also be published in 10 other journals around the world (American Journal of Sports Medicine, Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, Journal of Athletic Training, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, Scandinavian Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, Physician and Sports Medicine, British Journal of Sports Medicine, Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, Journal of Clinical Sports Medicine (Japanese journal) and Neurosurgery.
Growth in the company's sports medicine sector was explosive, surging 71% compared with first-quarter 2007 levels.
Permission to study and report only non-musculoskeletal sports medicine topics excluding musculoskeletal topics was granted at the time due to other ongoing projects at the ABFM involving musculoskeletal topics.

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