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Even though physical education lesson content is perceived as favorable in terms of equipping individuals with sportsmanlike conducts, the case is not so.
Jalloul displayed sportsmanlike humor after losing to her opponent.
Unfortunately in India, footballers hardly have a sportsmanlike lifestyle, and the lack of match practice was showing on the field.
Would you say that it's sportsmanlike to hunt whitetail deer with a .
People say that it's not sportsmanlike to stop the best - but how many Newcastle fans would swap a point or three after the event in which Bale has been able to take exactly what he wants from the game?
It was an honour to manage such a talented, but more importantly, sportsmanlike party.
For the second time in as many years Johnny Powless has captured a most sportsmanlike player for his league.
For years, we've bought the fantasy of an all-American, modern, rich, quality, sportsmanlike lifestyle.
In a message extended to the Tunisian handball team the President of the Republic hailed as well the Algerian team who were sportsmanlike, wishing them full success for next events.
A trophy will be awarded to the winning team and the most sportsmanlike.
Consequently, there are too many personal stories and themes (rivalry, triumph over adversity, the nobility of sportsmanlike determination .
He was always well turned out, polite, communicative and sportsmanlike.