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Accuracy is a huge component of sportsmanlike hunting.
Powless, who is just 19, was named as the most sportsmanlike player in the nine-team National Lacrosse League.
Manchester United Soccer School (MUSS) is on the hunt for a Northern Local Footballing Hero, aged between eight and 18 who encapsulates all that is sportsmanlike about the game.
And they were just so polite, so sportsmanlike, so respectful.
We wish that you too could enjoy this major sports event in a sportsmanlike and festive fashion," it added.
More importantly, the players won new admirers all over the world with their clean play and sportsmanlike behaviour.
Then he wrapped up, told them to have a good game and "remember to show sportsmanlike conduct.
It is understood the banter between the away dugout and home supporters was less than sportsmanlike at times.
Throughout his career, and throughout that magic season, he earned a reputation as a tough but fair racer who not only understood motor racing was dangerous--most drivers didn't just "walk away" from major accidents, they were carried out on stretchers--but that a victory that was less than sportsmanlike was no victory at all.
Two dimensions, solidarity and status are shown as interrelated in creating four significant types of national identity: sportsmanlike nationalist, oppositional nationalist, sportsmanlike subaltern and oppositional subaltern.
And for every alum who is eager to lie, cheat and steal to find players to carry the Tigers to a national championship, there are several who would be just as proud, or prouder, of a high graduation rate-of polite, sportsmanlike, well-spoken, studious and well-qualified students, even if it did not mean national titles.