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ANF Peshawar Spot Check Team intercepted a motorcycle Honda-125 and recovered 0.
We are putting a renewed focus on the supervision of the STR regime and we will be doing spot checks,' Spens said.
He assured that procedure of the spot check is very quick and won't affect the operation of importers.
Spot checks are now required twice yearly as required in ALNAV 070/07, DTG 042232Z of Oct.
Julie Armstrong, manager of attendance for Stockton Council, said: "We had very successful spot check truancy sweeps in January where numbers of youngsters stopped were almost halved compared to January 2006.
The Spot Check program hinges around transitioning from a one year permit inspection cycle to a three year permitting cycle.
I READ in Tuesday's Examiner (October 6) with regard to the story of Kirklees Council carrying out spot checks on taxi drivers.
In another case, same spot check team at the same spot intercepted a Suzuki Mehran Car registered No.
The Welsh Ambulance Service promises immediate action - let's hope the next unannounced spot check will find that they have kept their word.
But Kwik-Fit's annual nationwide tyre spot check found that 46 per cent of cars in the UK are driven with at least one under-inflated tyre.
Remove trash, vacuum and mop floors, disinfect toilets, sinks, door handles and mirrors, restock toilet paper, paper towels and soap, spot check walls (clean as needed).
Three drivers were immediately suspended for faults and a further four are to face prosecution following the spot check.