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Ishmael experiences other tropes or turnings from his thanatopsis mood, as when in the Spouter Inn he is terrified by the prospect of a cannibalistic, harpoon-toting savage for his bedmate, only to find a bosom friend who indirectly saves his life; as when in the chapel, staring at signs of his seemingly foreordained death in the black-bordered tablets commemorating sailors lost at sea, he finds unaccountably that his "Faith, like a jackal, [that] feeds among the tombs, [.
Antin sees abstract expressionist painting as creating an enigma of meaning similar to Melville's whale or the Spouter Inn painting before Ishmael trivializes it.
Ornamented with the jaws of a whale, ornately carved benches, and a bar in the shape of a right whale's head, the Spouter inn conveys a portentous atmosphere, but it does much more than that.
He wasn't just a spouter, he knew what he was talking about.
Eisenman contends that two of the scrolls' major figures, the Teacher of Righteousness and the Spouter of Lies, can be identified as James and Paul, two figures that represented very different takes on early Christianity.
Prattling Inane Self-Help Dross) award is Geri Halliwell, that yawn-inducing spouter of psychobabble In just one of the conveyor belt of interviews she's given to publicise new single, she offered her views on attaining a karmic level of happiness.